Be sure to check the technical condition of the car!

Before you go on a trip, be sure to check the technical condition of the car. Checking the health of your vehicle will not take you more than 10 minutes, but such precautions can save your life. The check must be carried out even if it seems to you that the car is fully operational.

What to pay attention to:
1) Look to see if there are any oil leaks under the car, if there are any, try to fix the leak before leaving;
2) Check the tire pressure, it is important that this indicator is within acceptable limits, because otherwise the car’s handling will deteriorate, the tread will wear out faster, and fuel consumption will increase;
3) Be sure to check the oil level in the engine and gearbox, if you need to top it up, do so;
4) Walk around the perimeter of the car and pay attention to the serviceability and equipment: wiper blades, exterior mirrors, headlights, integrity of the windshield;
5) Check the presence of brake fluid and, if necessary, adjust it to normal. Press the brake pedal all the way down; if the pedal “falls”, the braking system is faulty – it is prohibited to drive such a car! ;
6) Pay attention to the serviceability of the headlights, turn signals, and rear lights;
7) Be sure to check the sound signal.

Important! If the trip is expected to be quite long and distant, it is important to check the condition of the spare tire, as well as the availability of tools, a winch, and a first aid kit.

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