Car rental agreement or briefly about the main thing

In order to avoid conflict situations with car rental and subsequent successful cooperation, you should carefully study and familiarize yourself with all the clauses of the car rental agreement. Some conditions may differ, but basically they are quite similar:

• make timely payments for the leased property;

• treat the rented vehicle and the property of the company providing car rental services carefully: car seat, luggage rack, navigator, etc.;

• comply with traffic rules;

• refuel with the type of fuel that is permitted for this vehicle model;

• keep the car clean; during long-term use, do not neglect the car wash. Smoking inside the car is not allowed;

• return the rented car on time, clean and with sufficient fuel;

• in the event of an accident or theft, immediately notify the car rental company about this and document the incident properly.

If you faithfully comply with simple rules and requirements, you can become a regular customer of the company, as well as receive a system of discounts, which will significantly affect the cost of renting a car in Sumy.