Car rental in Sumy

In Ukraine, the car rental business is just beginning to actively develop. Many people don’t even know that they can rent a car without a driver. And now residents of the city of Sumy have the opportunity to use this type of service.

Like any company, we value our clients and look for an individual approach to each one. Among the assortment of cars provided, the tenant has the opportunity to choose a vehicle that suits his pocket. Car rental employees will be happy to tell you about the advantages of the chosen vehicle and draw up a rental agreement and related documents in a fairly short time. To rent the car you want, you just need to provide a category “B” driver’s license, passport and identification code. But if you are under 24 years old or have less than a year of driving experience, you will be denied this type of service.

Renting a car in Sumy is a very real opportunity for residents of our city to feel like a happy car owner.