Car rental: risks for the parties

What is a lease agreement? This is a civil agreement, which consists in the fact that one party provides the other with the use of certain property for a certain period and receives a monetary reward for this.

When a car rental agreement is concluded in Sumy, the agreement provides for specific conditions related to the peculiarities of the legal status of the car as a property object. It is extremely important for the client to carefully read the text of the contract and make sure that the meaning of each clause is absolutely clear to him. Conditions such as daily mileage, technical condition, penalties and interest are of great importance. Make sure that the characteristics of the car, written down in the contract or annex to it, correspond to the data of the car, the keys to which are given to you.

It is important to understand that from a legal point of view, renting a car in the city of Sumy is associated with risk for both parties to the contract. The most common risk is violation of contract terms. In this case, there is a presumption that the lessor incurs losses – he is unable to make a profit due to the absence of the leased object, so the lessee is obliged to pay a fine or penalty that compensates for the loss. This legal mechanism also aims to stimulate lawful behavior. Often, to ensure the fulfillment of an obligation, a contract provides for a security deposit. If the client appropriates the car, then he falls under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice authorities.

Remember that exceeding the number on the tachometer also entails financial sanctions, sometimes quite severe. It is often preferable to enter into a contract for a longer period than to pay a penalty for violating the essential terms of the contract.

Unfortunately, every driver on the road is a potential participant in a traffic accident. In order to avoid legal red tape, you need to clarify the availability of an insurance policy that will help cover expenses in the event of an accident. It is best to seek advice from a lawyer, because insurance contracts have many nuances, depending on which the damage is compensated in full, partially or not at all.

Thus, the parties to the car rental agreement bear reasonable risks; attentiveness and adequate behavior on the road will help you avoid unforeseen situations.