Replacement of the old police and road patrol service

Ukraine is confidently heading towards integration into the European Union; in this regard, the government has launched a number of reforms, including the complete replacement of the old police and road patrol service with a new authority – the police. So far, the reform has not affected all cities. The turn of our city Sumy came in December 2015. Then the police patrol officers, who act as traffic police and patrol police inspectors, came out onto the road. This news indirectly concerns our clients.

When you rent a car in Sumy, be careful, do not violate traffic rules, the police work with the latest technical means, so 99% of the fines issued by the new police officers are justified. Do not try to resolve the issue on the spot, you will only aggravate your guilt, and you may even find yourself subject to criminal prosecution. Now, all efforts in the country are devoted to overcoming corruption, so when offering a bribe to an official, think three times about your reputation, because it is easier to pay a fine for a violation than to spend money on expensive lawyers later. We also remind you that according to the agreement concluded between our company and the client for car rental, all fines, payment for the tow truck and the penalty area, fall directly on the client who committed the violation. Idle time of the car at the impound site is also considered the time for which the car is rented and is fully paid for according to the contract. We urge our clients not to violate traffic rules!