Some changes to the traffic rules of Ukraine

We would like to notify our foreign clients and drivers that as of April 15, 2013, changes to the traffic rules came into force. If you come to Ukraine and rent a car in Sumy, be prepared for new signs and markings on the road.

Now, according to the new rules, road signs take precedence over markings; if they contradict each other, then you need to be guided by the road signs. So, for example, a number of new ones have been added to the existing road signs: “Beginning and end of tram stop”, “Fixing violations – photos and videos”, “Religious buildings”.

Two new colors have been added to the existing markings: blue – designated parking spaces located on the roadway, orange – temporary markings.

According to the new rules, it is mandatory to drive when leaving a populated area with low beams or running lights on from October 1 to April 31. To transport children, it is not necessary to use a child car seat, because not all cars are adapted to install them.