Breakdowns on the way…What to do….We will help you

A very unpleasant situation is a car breakdown on the road. The quality of roads, fuel, hidden defects in car components – all these factors affect the condition of even a new car. Before renting out a car, our mechanics check all the components of the car, but sometimes, for reasons beyond their control, troubles occur.

Of course, when renting a car in Sumy, especially for long-distance trips, our clients are insured against breakdowns along the way. If the breakdown was not the fault of the client, our specialists will help solve the problem, repair the car right on the road, if repairs on the spot are not possible, we will provide you with another equivalent car or return a certain part of the money.

If your car is parked somewhere on the road, don’t panic! First, turn on your emergency lights and pull over to the side of the road. Don’t forget about the warning triangle – it has already managed to save many lives on the road. Only then find out the cause of the breakdown. If the problem is in the engine, it’s worth remembering how it happened, whether there was a knock, a grinding noise, or a drop in speed. All this information will help our specialists decide whether this breakdown can be repaired on the spot or whether the car needs to be evacuated to a service station. In any case, we do not leave our clients in trouble!