Features of driving a car in winter

Car rental in Sumy is in demand all year round, however, before each autumn-winter season, we warn our clients about possible dangers on the roads at this time. If the tenant does not feel very confident behind the wheel, then he can always use an additional service – renting a car with a driver.

Of course, our cars are prepared for bad weather; winter tires are installed on them at the right time, antifreeze in the radiator and tire pressure are checked.

We would like to remind our clients of some basic rules for driving a car in winter: it is best to start off very carefully, pressing the pedals as smoothly as possible, and if the road is visually slippery, it is advisable to start immediately from second gear. During a winter trip, you need to keep a safe speed – such that you can have time to brake in front of a sudden obstacle, especially in urban conditions. Do not forget that driving a car with front-wheel drive is fundamentally different from rear-wheel drive cars.

Our fleet mainly includes cars with front-wheel drive, but you can rent a car in Sumy with rear-wheel drive. In winter, in order to get out of a skid, the steering wheel should be operated very smoothly, and not reduce the fuel supply. To return the car to control, you must, on the contrary, press the gas, giving the front wheels acceleration. If, after increasing the speed, slippage begins, the fuel supply will still have to be reduced, and then, when the drive wheels restore traction with the road surface, press the gas again. It is also worth mentioning the features of driving a car with automatic transmission in winter. Before leaving, you need to let the automatic transmission warm up. To do this, you need to speed up the warming up of the oil, so you can set the selector to position D and stand still for about 10 seconds, holding the brake pedal. After this, the selector must be moved to position R and wait another 10 seconds. For the first 15-20 minutes after you start driving, drive calmly so that the automatic transmission finally warms up to operating temperature. By these actions you will not only extend the life of your car, but also make your trip in winter comfortable and problem-free.