How not to sleep while driving

About 30% of road accidents happen because drivers fall asleep at the wheel. When renting a car in Sumy, we definitely recommend that our clients refrain from tiring night driving. Unfortunately, in some cases, circumstances arise when such a trip is simply necessary. For example, a client is in a hurry to get to the airport for an early flight. That’s why we give some tips on how to save your life and your rental car.

All our rental cars in Sumy are equipped with radios; loud music will prevent the driver from falling asleep on the way. Truck drivers recommend listening to the operation of the engine and suspension if the music is not perceived.

If possible, you can drink strong coffee or energy drink. But this method is fraught with some dangers: the caffeine contained in coffee or energy drinks increases blood pressure, and if you overdose, then there is a danger that you will get sick on a deserted, night highway.

Oddly enough, food is a good remedy for sleep and, as practice shows, the most effective. You can eat seeds or nuts; such insignificant food does not fill you up and does not allow you to fall asleep.

If you are traveling with a passenger, then a good way to fight sleep is to talk. But don’t let your passenger sleep, sleepiness is contagious.

An innovative development for drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel and drive at night is the fatigue alarm. This remarkable device monitors the driver’s eyes and head position and emits a loud beep when symptoms of sleep are detected. Some modern cars are equipped with driver fatigue monitoring systems as standard. In addition, lane change warning systems are becoming increasingly common today. They do not directly help combat sleep while driving, but they loudly signal when entering the oncoming lane, which often happens when falling asleep.

The most effective method against sleep is sleep itself, so it’s best not to put yourself in danger – try to rest before a long journey.