How to choose the right car rental

When resorting to car rental services, many do not know what to look for. How to get a good, but not very expensive car? Below are the main criteria for choosing a rented car.

1. Vehicle registration. The ideal option is to register the vehicle in the name of a legal entity. This way you can be sure that the car is not wanted and is not collateral. Otherwise, the car may be seized by traffic police officers.

2. Age of the car. Optimal in terms of cost and technical condition would be a car no older than four, maximum five years. The mileage of such a car usually does not exceed 120 km. This gives you confidence that the vehicle will not let you down along the way. In addition, all cars provided by the rental company must undergo regular technical inspection.

3. Insurance protection. Be sure to pay attention to the type of insurance. Cars for rent are most often insured using the CASCO system. The rental agreement requires the presence of a clause on the type of insurance of the vehicle.

4. Availability of collateral. This clause is intended to avoid liability for a damaged or stolen vehicle. Therefore, it is still better to pay a deposit. If no incidents occur, it will be returned in full when the car is transferred to the rental car.

5. Additional car rental services.