How to start the engine in winter

Most likely, every car enthusiast has encountered problems that arise in winter when trying to start a car. Usually, this happens during a sharp cold snap, when the temperature drop reaches 15-20 degrees. The first cause of this problem may be loss of battery charge. As the temperature drops, the properties of the electrolyte decrease, and the battery is unable to provide power to important components, and the starter is unable to start the engine. Similar problems are typical for cars with an old battery; our rental cars in Sumy are promptly serviced by mechanics. Therefore, such situations happen very rarely with our cars.

On the other hand, visitors to our site will be interested to know what actions need to be taken to start a car in winter. Professional drivers are well aware that a frozen battery can be warmed up in a simple and completely natural way. You just need to turn on the ignition and side lights. In this mode, you should let it run for about a minute, and only then start cranking the starter. If the battery is not completely discharged, then there is a good chance that the engine will start.

It should be taken into account that if attempts to start the engine are unsuccessful, do not overstress the starter. You can start it for no more than 25 seconds, after which you should turn off the ignition and let it rest for a few minutes. If this is not done, you may burn out the ignition system. You also need to remember that it is not recommended to make more than 5 attempts to start the engine in a row. Each of them consumes battery power, and each time the chance of starting the car decreases.

When attempts to start the engine are successful, let it run as long as possible. This is necessary for the generator to charge the battery. This works best naturally while riding. You need to drive at least 10 kilometers for the battery to be guaranteed to reach operating mode. If you don’t want to drive at the moment, then you need to let the engine idle for a while. Of course, fuel consumption will be increased, but the battery charge will be restored.