Long-term lease for commercial purposes

Our company is engaged not only in renting cars to individuals in Sumy, we successfully work with a number of commercial enterprises in the city. Newly opened companies need a car for representative purposes, but do not always have the opportunity to purchase a car for various reasons. When you often travel around the region, but public transport is not always convenient, the best solution is to rent a car for a long time.

Our wide fleet of vehicles is always at your service. By choosing the car you like, we will quickly prepare all the documents necessary for your accounting. Depending on your legal status, we may enter into a car rental agreement or a car rental agreement. A rental agreement is concluded if the car will be used for personal needs and only by an individual.

A car rental agreement is concluded by a legal entity or an individual for any, including commercial, use of the car.

Such an agreement can also be concluded with the provision of services for its management, that is, with a driver (a car rental agreement with a crew).

In addition, the terms of long-term rental are usually much more profitable than short-term rental of a car in Sumy of the same class.