Refueling a rental car

According to the terms of the agreement concluded with our company, we provide car rental in Sumy with a full tank of fuel. Our fleet consists of various vehicles that consume different brands of gasoline and diesel fuel. We make sure to notify the client what type and brand of fuel the selected vehicle is fueled with. After the end of the car rental period, the car must be in the same condition as before renting and with a full tank of fuel.

But there are also unscrupulous tenants who fill the car with low-quality, cheap gasoline, sometimes even the wrong brand. In such cases, identifying this problem is not particularly difficult. The first symptom of low-quality fuel is a decrease in engine power, in which case the car begins to twitch during acceleration and the car does not pull.

Often problems in the ignition system occur in rental cars precisely because of low-quality or incorrect fuel. Accordingly, carbon deposits on the spark plugs give away the head of an unscrupulous client. Reddish soot on the spark plugs indicates that the car was filled with low-quality gasoline. Such fuel usually has a high level of iron concentration, so in addition to carbon deposits on the spark plugs, the exhaust is excessively smoky and has an abundance of soot and unburned fuel.

In our practice, there have been cases when the client was not to blame for the current situation, and all the blame fell on the shoulders of unscrupulous sellers at the gas station. And in order to establish the truth, I had to make a test purchase at a gas station.

We always try to meet the client halfway, especially when this is not the first time we serve him. Therefore, we do everything so that he turns to us not only thanks to a large fleet of rental cars, but also thanks to excellent service.