Summer holidays are approaching

The summer holidays are approaching, which means relaxation, nature and barbecue in the company of friends and acquaintances are coming soon. To go out of town for a vacation, you don’t have to have your own car, just order the service: car rental in Sumy, which our company provides. Experience shows that closer to the holidays, those who want to spend time on a fresh vacation will begin to rent cars en masse. Anticipating this state of affairs, the Rent-auto company offers to book a car in advance for the holidays. To do this, you just need to call one of the contact numbers listed in the header of the site. Tell us: for what date and month you need the car; which brand and class of car is more preferable; as well as the duration of the vehicle rental. Having such information, our manager will be able to immediately tell you the cost of car rental. You can also view our prices by clicking on the prices tab on our website.

There will be a holiday – even if there is no personal car!
Imagine a situation where a wife asks her husband for an outdoor vacation with the whole family. The head of the family fully supports his wife’s proposal, but the lack of his own car puts the husband in time trouble. How I would like to accommodate all family members in a spacious car interior, and not be exhausted by choosing a trip by public transport. The way out of this situation is to rent a car in Sumy, which is offered by Rent-auto.

What cars can you rent from us?

The fleet includes economical, safe and stylish cars: Kia Rio, Nissan Almera Classic, Hyundai Accent, Renault Logan, Mitsubishi Lancer. On our website you can learn more about a specific car model. If you need a car for a family holiday or a trip to May Day with friends, we recommend the Kia Rio or Renault Logan. Both models have a modern body design, are spacious and comfortable. Your children and wife will like these cars, and your circle of friends will also appreciate your choice.