We have updated our fleet

In the spring, we updated our fleet, adding new cars with a high degree of safety to our “garage”. Now residents of Sumy can rent cars that are thought out as much as possible in terms of protecting the driver and passengers. You can get complete information about our cars by clicking on the “Cars” tab.

Kia Rio for leisure

The car is great for city and country roads. The spacious trunk allows you to transport large cargo, bags, etc. At the same time, built-in airbags will protect you in the event of possible collisions. Smooth running and efficiency allow us to recommend the Kia Rio for recreation in any direction: outdoors, a trip to another city, shopping, etc.

Renault Logan

The sedan is stable on the highway even when reaching 150 km. This car brand needs no introduction, as it is considered one of the most popular and economical. We recommend renting a car in Sumy if you need a “nimble horse” for business trips. The Renault Logan cabin can accommodate 5 people. Renault is quite representative, at the same time, the cost of its rental will cost you less than the previously reviewed Kia.

Our cars are in perfect technical condition

In total, there are more than 15 cars in our fleet; above we briefly talked about the 2 most interesting models. However, all our cars are in perfect technical condition. Vehicles are regularly inspected for serviceability, and if necessary, worn parts are replaced with new ones. Your safety is the result of our constant efforts to keep your car in working condition. Also, after returning the car from rental, we dry clean the interior.

We have prepared for the 2016 season by updating our fleet with brand new cars. If you already need personal transport for urban use or a car for a trip to nature, we are ready to provide a working car and rent a car in Sumy at competitive prices.