What to do if you get into an accident in a rented car?

The question that worries our car renters most is what happens if something happens to the rented car? The main risk is loss of collateral in an accident.

Moreover, its loss will be regardless of whose fault the accident was committed. The deposit will go towards paying the insurance deductible and will pay for the downtime of the car during repairs. If you managed to get away with a small scratch that can be repaired within a day, the part of the deposit that was not spent on repairs will be returned to you after recalculation.

If the accident is of average complexity, most likely the entire deposit payment will be spent on repairs. In case of complete destruction of the car or in case of theft, financial liability is also equal to the amount of the deposit. For damage caused to the car not as a result of an accident (damage to the interior, an accidentally broken mirror), the rental company will bill you for dry cleaning or replacement of a part.

All our cars are insured, but insurance may not work in case of serious traffic violations (running a red light, crossing a double dividing line, exceeding the speed limit, driving while intoxicated). And also if, after an accident, you did not notify our company providing car rental services and the traffic police. In these cases, you will have to pay for all repairs.

After waiting for the traffic police, you must get a certificate from them about the accident – without it, insurance will not be provided. If the car breaks down through no fault of yours, you do not risk anything, except perhaps a spoiled mood; unfortunately, no one will compensate for the moral damage. They will refund you the money you did not leave, or they will offer you a new car in return. So if your car breaks down on the road, call us and negotiate all the conditions for the situation. A car breakdown is our oversight; accordingly, according to the terms of the contract, you are in a more privileged position.

Also, according to the terms of the contract, you must return the car with a full tank of fuel, because the rented car is provided fully fueled.