When car rental comes to the rescue

Can car rental replace your own car? You will say no, because it is obvious that your own car is always at hand and is ready to serve for your benefit at any time. But sometimes situations arise in life when using a rental car is still necessary or more logical.

Buying a personal car is an expensive undertaking. In addition to the full cost of the car, the driver needs to be prepared for other expenses. Changing the oil, the need to change tires, repairing the suspension or brake system – all this costs money. And this is not a complete list. The older the vehicle, the more care it needs, and the more money and time you will need to invest in the car.

If you are a business person whose rhythm of life is simply impossible without the use of personal transport, then this is one situation. But if the car is mostly parked and is needed only for infrequent trips to the country or weekend trips to buy groceries, then you should think about the advisability of renting a car for such needs. You won’t have to think about the cost of maintaining the car, just pay for the days you use it.

Or, let’s say your car breaks down or is involved in a minor accident. In this case, you cannot do without setting up your iron friend for repairs, even if they are short-lived. But I don’t want to switch to public transport at all, since the habit of moving around, guided by my driving skills, is stronger than the desire to get acquainted with bus routes and the rush hour crowd. A rented car will save you from the need to change your usual rhythm of life while you repair your own.

Another situation is selling a personal car and buying a new one. It’s not always possible to sell a car and immediately buy another one. And there’s no need to rush into choosing a new vehicle. It is better to spend more time, but get a reliable friend for many years to come, than to rush and buy a car with hidden defects or other flaws. While searching, just rent a car.

The car rental service is indispensable on a business trip or tourist trip abroad. By renting a car and taking with you a map of an unfamiliar place, you will be spared the painful attempts to communicate in a foreign language, finding out the way to a particular destination.